Simple and Affordable Tips for Making Your Home's Landscaping Really Stand Out

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Your home's landscaping can create a welcoming and inviting look outside the home itself, and in some cases can even increase your chances of getting your home sold when on the market. However, many homeowners struggle to balance their desire for landscaping that really stands out with their budget constraints. Consider a few simple and affordable ways that you can improve the appearance of your home's landscaping without overpaying.

1. Plant Seeds Rather than Flowers

Flowers and blooms are often very expensive, but this typically because a nursery needs to pay someone to care for the seedlings as they sprout, and may also pay for the fertilizer and plant food needed to get them to grow in small containers and pots. You can save on this expense by planting seeds yourself and doing the work of tending the flowers as they grow. Seeds are very inexpensive and it doesn't take long for them to take root and begin to blossom, so that you can have a lush landscaping feature within weeks or months of planting.

2. Use Groupings

Groupings give your landscaping maximum visual impact but they're more affordable than trying to plant flowers all around your lawn. You might put a grouping of flowers or other features on either side of your porch steps, or put one large grouping in the middle of your front lawn. By doing this you save on the cost of the flowers and other landscaping features since you're not using as many, but you still get maximum curb appeal as each grouping will have more impact than single rows of flowers.

3. Use Edging along Landscaping Features

One reason that your landscaping may not stand out is that you might not be using noticeable edging along the plant and flowerbeds. Edging separates your landscaping from your lawn and helps it to become noticeable.

There are many affordable options for landscaping edging, and one favorite choice is concrete blocks (from companies like Custom Kerbing). These are a good choice because concrete can be formed and then painted in any way you choose. You might opt for large rounded blocks that are stained to look like stone, or squares that are painted white for a crisp and clean look. You can even have concrete blocks painted black so they make a noticeable statement against your landscaping and lawn. For a very finished look, consider having the blocks and your concrete driveway painted or stained the same color so everything looks pulled together.


24 February 2015

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