Types of Shower Screens to Choose from

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If you are looking for a way to spruce up your bathroom area, you can get an amazing new look by installing shower screens. Shower screens are much more elegant and hygienic compared to shower curtains. The glass allows more light to get through making your bathroom look bigger. It is also easy to clean using a squeegee as compared to shower curtains, which involves the tedious process of removing, washing and hanging up.

You can choose from the following types of shower screens:

Pivot door shower screens

You can enclose the entire shower space with fixed glass panels. In this design, the door is the only moveable part of the glass panels. It has hinges similar to a regular door and it swings outward or inward when open. Pivot door shower screens are ideal when you have a lot of pace around your shower area to give room for the swinging door.

Sliding door shower screens

If you were working with a limited space, sliding doors would be ideal for you since there is no need for additional space to open up the shower area. The sliding door shower enclosure still has some fixed panels similar to the pivot door. However, one of the panels is mounted on a grove that allows it to slide to open or close the shower area.

Corner shower screens

These are designed specifically for corner showers. The design features narrow panels to fit into the small corners. They normally have pivot doors to allow you to access the shower.

Fixed and swing shower screens

Fixed and swing shower screens are quite similar to the pivot door design. However, the door only swings outward to open up the shower. You still need a lot of bathroom floor space to accommodate this design and the swinging door.

Fixed panel shower screens

These types of shower screen do not have a door. The glass panel is fixed in place. This design is ideal for walk in showers or combined bath and shower. In a combine bath and shower, the fixed panel is installed nearer to the showerhead to prevent water from spilling out of the bath when using the shower.

Choosing the framing

You can also choose whether to have framed, semi-framed or frameless shower doors.  Frameless or semi-framed shower doors are very easy to clean since there are fewer nooks and crannies for dirt to lodge into. 

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23 April 2015

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