Advantages Of Nature-scaping With Native Plants

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When most people consider landscaping, they tend to want to inundate their backyard with exotic plants that will make it all the more aesthetically appealing. This is all well and good. However, numerous benefits come with opting for native plants, too. By incorporating these in your landscaping, you will find that they may even eliminate the need for any exotic species. Here are some of the advantages of nature-scaping with native plants.

19 December 2014

Tips On How To Control Garden Pests

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Maintaining a green and healthy garden is no easy task. It requires a lot of dedication, commitment and time. Controlling garden pests is among the most important activities that determines how healthy your garden is. In order to effectively control these pets, you need to know which ones are useful in your garden and which ones need to be eliminated. That having been said, here is a quick guide on how to control pests in your garden

8 December 2014

How to Successfully Replace a Water Pump in a Washing Machine

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If your washing machine is leaking during cycles, it may be that the water pump is defective, and needs replacing. It is possible to do this task yourself. Assuming you have checked and confirmed that the hoses and fixtures are not causing the leak, let's take a look at how to replace the water pump. Replacement And Preparation Make a note of your washing machine make and model number, and purchase a replacement pump from a supplier.

5 December 2014

4 Factors Involved In Obtaining Planning And Building Permits

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If you want to build a new home, you need to hire home builders, engage building surveyors and apply for legal permits to begin the process. Planning and building permits may seem like a hassle, but they are important from safety, environmental and legal perspectives. Here are four factors involved in obtaining planning and building permits.  Type Of Permits There are two types of permits involved in the home building process.

4 December 2014