Advantages Of Nature-scaping With Native Plants

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When most people consider landscaping, they tend to want to inundate their backyard with exotic plants that will make it all the more aesthetically appealing. This is all well and good. However, numerous benefits come with opting for native plants, too. By incorporating these in your landscaping, you will find that they may even eliminate the need for any exotic species. Here are some of the advantages of nature-scaping with native plants.

Water conservation

A high percentage of water used in residences goes to keeping the backyard and lawns properly irrigated. This is largely in aims of retaining green foliage, which may be difficult with exotic plants that are not used to the native climatic conditions. With native plants, you end up significantly cutting back on your consumption of water. This is because the plants can already survive with the normal rainfall experienced in the area and would not need additional perpetuation of wasting water.

Easy to maintain

Since native plants are already acclimatised to the locality, you would not have to put in an extra effort to ensure that they flourish. Exotic plant species will not only need extra irrigation, but also their growth may have to be supplemented with fertilisers, pest control and generally would require more of your attention. Native plants already grow with the prevailing conditions, so you would rarely have to keep a keen eye on them.

Reduction of pesticide use

A common flaw with exotic plants is that they are not immune to a host of plant diseases. Since they are not native to the area, they will not have built an immunity to the pests and diseases that are commonplace. This translates to increased use of pesticides. Pesticides are frowned upon for two reasons. The first is that they kill indiscriminately and will end up killing insects that could actually be beneficial to your backyard. Secondly, pesticides are full of chemicals and chlorofluorocarbons which compromise the environment when released into the air. By opting for native plants, you can rest assured that they are resistant to most disease strains and would not need additional help from pesticides.

Local wildlife

What most people do not know is that local wildlife tends to prefer native plants. If you would like to wake up to song birds and attract other critters to your backyard, it would be best done by opting for plants that occur naturally in your area.

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19 December 2014

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