Home Blinds | 4 Quick DIY Steps To Get Pet Hair Off Your Blinds

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You've probably heard of pet hair integrating into your carpet fibres, but did you also know that it could get into your window blinds? Retaining the pristine appearance of your home's blinds can be challenging in any circumstance. But pets can make it even harder. Pet hair clings to all kinds of surfaces, so follow these quick DIY steps to remove it from your window blinds.  Apply A Lint Roller Over Your Blind Surface

11 July 2016

Cat Doors - 2 Way Versus 4 Way Designs

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If you have a pet cat that spends some of his or her time outside, you may be considering buying a pet door for your home.  A pet door can allow your cat the freedom of choice to go out when he needs or wants to, without you having to open the door for yourself.  This can be particularly helpful if you are out at work during the day and would prefer not to have a kitty litter tray left inside your home.

23 June 2016

Top features to look for when buying a baby bathtub

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Babies are a blessing to parents; they are cute and bring lots of joy with their brilliant laughs and high spirit. But they are also messy. They'll splatter food, roll in dirt and even poop in their pants. That's why you need a proper bathtub when these little angels are around. The bathing experience needs to be something they look forward to and enjoy. The secret is a baby bathtub, but not just any model.

13 June 2016

Clear The Air: Three Tips To Stop Your Office Smelling Bad This Winter


Winter is a time of comfort stews and hearty soups designed to keep the chill away. The only problem with this is that meal times in your office are starting to smell funkier than vindaloo curry night at a trendy Indian restaurant. Strong food odours can linger long after the meal has been consumed, so how can you keep the smells contained so they do not cast your business in a negative light when clients come to visit?

27 May 2016

Choosing Comfortable Tiled Kitchen Flooring To Reduce Joint And Foot Pain

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When it comes to combining durability, good looks and easiness to clean in a kitchen floor covering, it's hard to beat traditional kitchen tiles. However, if you suffer from chronic pain in your back or joints as a result of chronic illness, injury or simple old age, traditional tiled floors may be too hard and unforgiving to walk and stand on comfortably. Similarly, if you have sensitive or easily damaged feet, stand on cold, hard tiles for long periods while cooking can cause pain and discomfort.

19 May 2016

Points to Note on Asbestos Removal for Roofing and Siding

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If your home's roofing was done any time before 1980 then there is a high chance it was made using asbestos. Back then, asbestos fibers were added to roofing and siding materials during production to make them more durable and provide some insulation for prevention of fires. To be sure your roofing or siding contains asbestos, have it tested by certified public or private inspectors. You could check the packages in which the material came as well.

2 May 2016

Terminology to Learn Before Buying Shutters, and Why These Words Are Important

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Shutters for your home are a big investment, so you want to ensure you take the time to learn a little about the different styles and features offered. Learning the terminology used to describe shutters and their various parts can help you to better understand how each style is different, and can also help you to know what parts might need repairs if they should ever break sometime down the road.

18 April 2016