Top features to look for when buying a baby bathtub

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Babies are a blessing to parents; they are cute and bring lots of joy with their brilliant laughs and high spirit. But they are also messy. They'll splatter food, roll in dirt and even poop in their pants. That's why you need a proper bathtub when these little angels are around. The bathing experience needs to be something they look forward to and enjoy.

The secret is a baby bathtub, but not just any model. Some of these bathtubs are not as good, so you'll need to know exactly what you are looking for. Here are a few features that'll convert an ordinary bath to one that both you and the child will enjoy.

Temperature sensor

A temperature sensor will be a good help in keeping the water at the perfect conditions for your baby. You won't have to guess the exact temperatures of the water anymore. Feeling the water with your hands may sometimes be inaccurate. For instance, you may feel the bathing temperatures are hotter than they are after holding a cold bottle of beer.

When going for such tubs, you'll be better off with digital indicators as opposed to strip indicators. This is because strip indicators sometimes react slowly to changes in temperatures. Digital indicators tell the exact temperatures at a glance while strip indicators change colour depending on the temperatures.

Fun accessories

You also need to get one that comes with fun accessories. Though you may purchase these products separately, it'll be better if you get them from a single manufacturer. The bathtub may even be designed in a way that fits the accessories perfectly. Besides, it's also convenient. The tub may have a detachable duck or nesting cups that the child can play with. However, remember to clean them after every bath so as to prevent the formation of mildew.

Security of the tub

Even in a fun bathing experience, you still want to ensure that your baby is well secure. A non-skid surface is compulsory to have. Once covered in soap, the baby becomes very slippery and may easily fall. A non-skid surface prevents that from happening.

Some comfort padding at the sides of the bathtub is also necessary to prevent your baby from getting hurt in their excitement.

Also, get a tub that is inclined and not flat at the bottom. That way, the water doesn't easily cover them up when they lie on their backs.


13 June 2016

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