Clear The Air: Three Tips To Stop Your Office Smelling Bad This Winter


Winter is a time of comfort stews and hearty soups designed to keep the chill away. The only problem with this is that meal times in your office are starting to smell funkier than vindaloo curry night at a trendy Indian restaurant. Strong food odours can linger long after the meal has been consumed, so how can you keep the smells contained so they do not cast your business in a negative light when clients come to visit? It all comes down to your cleaners!

Fridge And Microwave Cleaning

Both your fridge and your microwave absorb the strong odours coming from the food your workers bring to the office. When heated, these odours can become trapped in the microwave body. When the food is stored in the fridge until lunchtime, containers that are not capped correctly can release smells into the fridge body.

It is likely you will need to pay extra for this service, but having the inside of the microwave and fridge cleaned weekly eliminates both trapped odours and spilt foodstuffs which make these appliances particularly smelly. Additionally, now is a good time to institute a new policy that at the end of each week the cleaner will throw out any food remaining in the fridge so that it is fresh, empty and clean every Monday.

Carpet Cleaning

Having the carpet tiles in your kitchen cleaned every week is another way to eliminate office odours. Spilled liquids trapped within the carpet pile can slowly give off a smell, and when you have dark carpet, they can't always be seen to allow for immediate cleaning.

Carpet cleaning once a week will suck trapped food and other dirt out of the carpet to keep the dining area smelling fresh as a daisy.

Trash Cans

If you are currently paying for trash cans to be emptied, but you are not having them washed regularly, this is another source of bad odour in the kitchen environment. Having these washed inside and out at the end of each week means food smells are not trapped in the office over the weekend. With no food being cooked or added to the fridge over the weekend, you can look forward to a fresh smelling office area at the start of each working week.

Talk to your cleaners about all ways to give odours the heave-ho and pay for any extra services needed while your workers are trapped eating indoors during the winter months. When the lighter lunches of summer return and your workers go back to eating outside in the fresh air, then you can have revisit your office cleaning needs once more.


27 May 2016

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