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You've probably heard of pet hair integrating into your carpet fibres, but did you also know that it could get into your window blinds? Retaining the pristine appearance of your home's blinds can be challenging in any circumstance. But pets can make it even harder. Pet hair clings to all kinds of surfaces, so follow these quick DIY steps to remove it from your window blinds

Apply A Lint Roller Over Your Blind Surface

Pet hair tends to stick to any blind surface, whether you have fabric, timber or even PVC materials because of the static electricity building up and creating a bond between the surface and the hair. A simple wipe may not yield the cleaning results you desire, so you will need to use a lint roller to remove surface-level pet hair from your blinds. The stickiness provided by the lint roller breaks static electricity and picks up pet hair more easily from the surface of your window blinds. Lint rollers are inexpensive tools available at most retail clothing stores.

Spray A Soap Water Solution On To The Blinds

The lint roller step should take away most of the surface-level pet hair, but for deeper cleaning, add a few drops of liquid detergent to a spray bottle filled with warm water and mix thoroughly until foam starts forming. Spray this soap water solution onto the blinds, but take care not to saturate them completely. Saturating the blinds isn't necessary because this may make it more difficult to remove pet hair. Mild spray is just enough for the task.

Wipe Blind Slats Down With A Sponge

Use a dry sponge and thoroughly wipe down each slat of your window blinds to ensure that any residual pet hair is removed with this action. You can either leave your blinds hanging against the window or you can remove them and place them on a table when wiping them down based on your personal preference.

Dry Blind Surface With A Lint-Free Cloth

Once you finish wiping the slats using the sponge and soap water, you will need to dry each slat with a lint-free cloth to ensure that any pet hair flying around the room doesn't get caught up in your recently cleaned blinds. Wet surfaces attract dust, dirt and pet hair more easily because of the added static electricity exuded. Failure to dry your window blinds adequately will render these steps useless, especially after you have taken so much trouble to remove pet hair from the surface.  

Follow these quick DIY steps in your quest to remove unwanted pet hair from the surface of your window blinds.


11 July 2016

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