What Do You Need to Know about Your Home's Fire Extinguishers?


Most homes have a fire extinguisher of some kind. The curious thing about these fire extinguishers is that many people don't know how to use theirs, what type they need, or what the different codes on the extinguisher mean. Before you just write off your fire extinguisher as something you need and then let it begin collecting dust under a sink or in the cabinet, there are a few things you should know.

11 October 2016

As Stools Become Stylish, Here Are Three Reasons to Choose Teak


Home designers are touting stools as one of the must-have items for your home this year, and if you are in the market for a new stool or a new set of stools, you may want to consider teak. Wondering why teak stools should top your list? Here's a look at some of the top reasons: 1. Teak stools can work in every room of your home including the bathroom

15 August 2016

Clear The Air: Three Tips To Stop Your Office Smelling Bad This Winter


Winter is a time of comfort stews and hearty soups designed to keep the chill away. The only problem with this is that meal times in your office are starting to smell funkier than vindaloo curry night at a trendy Indian restaurant. Strong food odours can linger long after the meal has been consumed, so how can you keep the smells contained so they do not cast your business in a negative light when clients come to visit?

27 May 2016

What You Need To Know About Insuring Your Furniture Removals


When it comes to seeking furniture removal services, there are a number of things that you should have on your check list. These include: ensuring your mark all your boxes, making sure your have enough packing materials beforehand, and confirming removal times with your removalist. However, these aside, another very important item that should be on your list is insurance. Read on to see why. Why is insurance important during furniture removals?

26 October 2015

Important Considerations When Choosing An Office Safe


A safe is a worthwhile investment for your home office or small business. You can store official company documents, cash or other important assets within your premises. It is economical for long-term use especially when compared to an alternative like leasing a bank safety deposit box. Moreover, it is convenient since you can access your stored items at any time. There are different types and brands of safes in the market so choosing the right model can be challenging.

15 May 2015

What Should You Consider When Buying Carpet As An Allergy Sufferer?


Allergens which make their way into your home can sometimes become lodged in carpet fibres, meaning that each footstep sends small clouds of them back up into the air. However, get the myth that people with allergies can't have carpet out of the way right now – they can. If you're one of those people, all you need to do is take a little more care when picking out your new carpet.

15 January 2015

Choosing A Drum Or Orbital Floor Sander To Refinish Your Hardwood Flooring


Refinishing a hardwood floor is essential for every home with hardwood, and most homeowners want to carry out the project themselves. The desirable outcome is the restoration of the natural beauty of the surface after neglect or removing any covering. If you are considering doing this work, one of your difficult tasks is likely to be choosing the best type of equipment to use when sanding the floor. There are two basic types of floor sanders; drum and orbital.

12 January 2015