Important Considerations When Choosing An Office Safe


A safe is a worthwhile investment for your home office or small business. You can store official company documents, cash or other important assets within your premises. It is economical for long-term use especially when compared to an alternative like leasing a bank safety deposit box. Moreover, it is convenient since you can access your stored items at any time. There are different types and brands of safes in the market so choosing the right model can be challenging. If you are thinking about obtaining an ideal safe, here are the main factors that you should evaluate.

Theft Protection

Safes are generally designed to protect valuable items which are likely to be targeted by burglars. The level of theft protection in each safe model will depend on factors such as the structural materials, the design and locking mechanism. You should purchase a safe with heavy-duty walls and a door made from materials such as high-gauge steel. This will ensure that common burglary tools like torches and drills will not penetrate the safe easily.

You can choose different locking mechanisms depending on your preference and the required level of security. Popular choices include electronic keypads, dial locks and conventional keys. It is advisable to discuss the options with your locksmith because you may require assistance with rekeying or dealing with a lockout.

Fire Resistance

A safe intended only for theft protection will not survive a fire incident. If you are concerned about such an occurrence, you should purchase a fire-resistance rated model. These are designed with thermal insulation capabilities and impenetrable joint seals. Quality models will even protect temperature sensitive media such as photograph films and compact discs. You should note that the fire protection aspect will vary in terms of the length of time and level of heat the structure can withstand.

Water Resistance

The water resistance aspect is often overlooked, especially in areas where flooding is improbable. However, it is important for you to cover all the bases in case of an anomaly such as a broken water line. Moreover, it is sensible to include the water-resistance feature if the safe is fire-resistant. It would be unfortunate if your documents and valuables were to be destroyed by the extinguishing hose water after surviving a fire.


You should always choose a safe with more volume than your projected needs. This will allow you to make unforeseen asset additions without upgrading the existing storage. However, you should remember that smaller safes will be easier to conceal in limited office space.

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15 May 2015

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