As Stools Become Stylish, Here Are Three Reasons to Choose Teak


Home designers are touting stools as one of the must-have items for your home this year, and if you are in the market for a new stool or a new set of stools, you may want to consider teak. Wondering why teak stools should top your list? Here's a look at some of the top reasons:

1. Teak stools can work in every room of your home including the bathroom

Teak stools can be a beautiful complement for almost any area of your home. Place leather-upholstered teak stools at the bar in your kitchen, or use them as accent pieces throughout the rest of your home.

Another unique area that some people overlook is the showerBecause teak is high in natural mineral oils, it resists damage from water. As a result, you can use a teak stool as a shower stool. This trend is catching on both for people who need to sit whilst showering and for others who just want a spot to prop their feet while shaving their legs or a decorative shelf for their toiletries.

2. Teak stools can handle the outdoors

Just as a teak stool can handle the shower, it can also withstand the outdoors. As long as the stool doesn't have any upholstery or textiles attached to it, you can easily take it from the inside to the outside of your home. That is a convenient way to always have extra seating whenever you need it, wherever you need. Best of all, if you leave the stool outside on the patio for a few days, you don't have to worry about it getting ruined as you would with other types of furniture.

3. Teak stands the test of time

Teak is almost always popular from a style standpoint, and it's a durable long-lasting wood that promises to stand the test of time from a quality standpoint as well. As your style preferences change through the years, you will almost always find ways to integrate your teak stool into your home decor.

For example, imagine you buy a teak stool that is knee high. One year, you use it in your shower; the next year, you use it for extra seating on the patio; the following year, you pop a cushion on it to convert it to a footstool; and the fourth year, you use it as an accent table to hold a plant. The possibilities are endless, and the teak promises to last long enough to let you try them all.

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15 August 2016

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