Clear The Air: Three Tips To Stop Your Office Smelling Bad This Winter


Winter is a time of comfort stews and hearty soups designed to keep the chill away. The only problem with this is that meal times in your office are starting to smell funkier than vindaloo curry night at a trendy Indian restaurant. Strong food odours can linger long after the meal has been consumed, so how can you keep the smells contained so they do not cast your business in a negative light when clients come to visit?

27 May 2016

Choosing Comfortable Tiled Kitchen Flooring To Reduce Joint And Foot Pain

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When it comes to combining durability, good looks and easiness to clean in a kitchen floor covering, it's hard to beat traditional kitchen tiles. However, if you suffer from chronic pain in your back or joints as a result of chronic illness, injury or simple old age, traditional tiled floors may be too hard and unforgiving to walk and stand on comfortably. Similarly, if you have sensitive or easily damaged feet, stand on cold, hard tiles for long periods while cooking can cause pain and discomfort.

19 May 2016

Points to Note on Asbestos Removal for Roofing and Siding

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If your home's roofing was done any time before 1980 then there is a high chance it was made using asbestos. Back then, asbestos fibers were added to roofing and siding materials during production to make them more durable and provide some insulation for prevention of fires. To be sure your roofing or siding contains asbestos, have it tested by certified public or private inspectors. You could check the packages in which the material came as well.

2 May 2016

Terminology to Learn Before Buying Shutters, and Why These Words Are Important

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Shutters for your home are a big investment, so you want to ensure you take the time to learn a little about the different styles and features offered. Learning the terminology used to describe shutters and their various parts can help you to better understand how each style is different, and can also help you to know what parts might need repairs if they should ever break sometime down the road.

18 April 2016

Regular testing…healthy water

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A swimming pool is an attractive feature for any home and a source of pleasure for the family. In order to ensure that the pool looks attractive and can be enjoyed to its optimum, the water should be of the best quality. Bacteria grows readily in unmanaged pool water. If left unattended, this can become a health risk. The key to clean and healthy water in a swimming pool is to use the correct chemicals and to maintain the balance between them.

6 April 2016

Don't Overlook These Features When Choosing a New Lawnmower

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A self-propelled, push lawnmower can be sufficient for you if you have a smaller yard that doesn't require the use of a riding lawnmower. When you're ready to get a new push lawnmower, you may actually be surprised at the options and choices you have, so note a few features to consider to ensure you get the right type for yourself. 1. Gas versus electric An electric lawnmower is very lightweight and won't do much good when it comes to cutting thick grass, and especially grass that is often overgrown with weeds and brush.

28 March 2016

Choosing material for the restumping of your house

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House restumping is something that mainly has to be done to old houses that still use a wooden stump foundation. These stumps might have rot or become infested with termites. The foundation of the house itself might also have become unstable, which causes the need for restumping. More modern houses are instead underpinned with concrete, as restumping is a method only for this particular type of foundation, but there are ways to modernise also this procedure.

15 March 2016

Tips for Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

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Before listing your home, one of the first things you should do is start getting it ready to sell. For example, not everyone will have your great taste in home décor, so if you like unconventional colors, you may want to go for a more neutral look. A little expense and effort can result in a faster sale and an offer closer to your asking price. It can be hard to change the home that you've loved and lived in for a long time, but remember the objective is to sell it and move to a new home that you can put your mark on.

26 February 2016

Tips For Storing Your Caravan Awning

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When the summer comes to an end, you'll need to pack up your caravan awning and put it into safe storage for a few months.  Here are some top tips to make sure your caravan awning emerges from its winter hibernation in good condition and ready for use when the good weather comes around again. Packing up your awning Packing up the caravan awning is often perceived to be a laborious job, but it can be pretty straightforward, provided you go about it the right way.

16 February 2016

Why Choose A Glass Splashback?

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A splashback is a vital component of kitchen design that keeps your walls clean and grease-free, especially behind your cooker and food preparation areas.  So why choose a glass splashback?  Read on to find out more.     Aesthetically pleasing and versatile Glass is an extremely versatile medium when it comes to making splashbacks.  There's a huge range of different colours and finishes to choose from, or you could have a glass splashback made to your own specifications.

29 January 2016