Tips For Storing Your Caravan Awning

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When the summer comes to an end, you'll need to pack up your caravan awning and put it into safe storage for a few months.  Here are some top tips to make sure your caravan awning emerges from its winter hibernation in good condition and ready for use when the good weather comes around again.

Packing up your awning

Packing up the caravan awning is often perceived to be a laborious job, but it can be pretty straightforward, provided you go about it the right way.

  1. First of all, make sure that the awning storage bag is clean and dry.  Shake it free of any dust, and then hang it out in the sun for a couple of hours to make sure it isn't damp.  
  2. Take down the awning and that it's clean and completely dry before you fold it up.  This is extremely important as the awning won't dry once it has been folded, and any areas of damp fabric will encourage the growth of mould and mildew.  Mould and mildew cause staining and damp could also cause seam stitching to rot.  You can clean your awning simply by using a mild solution of soapy water, and leave it to air dry in the sun for a couple of hours.  
  3. Spread the roof of the awning, right side out, on an old piece of clean carpet to protect the waterproof coating from dust and dirt.  
  4. Lay an old cotton sheet over the awning to protect the windows from damage.  
  5. Pull the side panels out to either side so that they form a triangular shape, and then fold them over once into the middle, incorporating the cotton sheet in the process.  
  6. Continue folding the awning a few more times until the whole thing is small enough in width to fit comfortably into the awning storage bag.  
  7. Now roll the folded awning from the front to the back edge so that the seam is on the outside.  The awning should now fit neatly into the storage bag.  
  8. Disassemble all the poles, and then wash and dry them thoroughly.  It's important that all the moveable parts of the skeleton are cleaned and lubricated to get rid of any dirt.  Petroleum jelly can safely be used for lubrication, or you could buy a proprietary product from a good camping supplies store.  
  9. Put the angled poles and cross-poles into the bag first, followed by the straight ones.  This makes it easier to fit everything into the bag without struggling and risking bending the poles.  
  10. Store your awning in a clean, dry place where it will be safe from damage by rodents.

In conclusion

Folding, packing, and storing your awning correctly will ensure that it will be in good condition and ready for use next summer.  Follow the advice given above and your awning should last you for many years to come. For more information, contact companies like Wilfords Annexes.


16 February 2016

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