Tips for Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

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Before listing your home, one of the first things you should do is start getting it ready to sell. For example, not everyone will have your great taste in home décor, so if you like unconventional colors, you may want to go for a more neutral look. A little expense and effort can result in a faster sale and an offer closer to your asking price. It can be hard to change the home that you've loved and lived in for a long time, but remember the objective is to sell it and move to a new home that you can put your mark on. Consider the following tips as steps you can take before contacting an estate agent.

Declutter and Store

Decluttering your home should be your first step. Remove unnecessary items from your home while leaving small touches that make it feel lived in. Aim to leave out just a few ornaments or decorative items, storing everything else in cupboards. Creating a clean environment will enable prospective buyers to imagine their things in your space. Consider using a self-storage unit to store the items that you don't regularly use but want to keep, such as excess furniture, ornaments, and toys. Room by room, empty and store these extra items until your house is clutter free.

Neutralise Your Décor

When people come to view your house, they need to be able to imagine themselves living in it. While you may be a fan of bold colour and pattern, they may not be. It's easier for them to imagine themselves in your home if you can make your décor as neutral as possible. It's worth the small expense and effort to paint rooms that may be a little bold to make them look calming and clean. 

Stage the Home

Staging creates a home that looks and functions as most people want it to. For example, you may have a dining room that you use as a playroom. In this scenario, consider storing some of the toys and items in self-storage and buying or renting a dining table. This will show people what they can do with the space.  A look at staging advice resources will give you a good idea of what to aim for.

Create the Right Smell

If you have pets, they may leave a lingering scent in your home that you're unaware of. Consider replacing carpets and washing items that may hold on to the smell. Move pet bedding to a garage before viewings. Smokers should try smoking outdoors during the viewing period to limit the smell of tobacco. Aroma experts have hit on what they consider to be the ideal smell combinations for a home. This is not the traditional bread and coffee as once believed, but white tea and fig, which creates a soothing and luxurious environment.


26 February 2016

Creating An Organised And Functional Kitchen

The kitchen is the most used room in my home, and in the past, I found it could get messy and chaotic very quickly. Trying to cook dinner when you can't find an essential appliance or see past the clutter on the counter is no fun. I realised I enjoyed my time in the kitchen more and was more productive when my kitchen was organised and laid out in a way that optimised functionality. I changed my kitchen cleaning and organising routine, decluttered, got rid of appliances I don't use and moved things around to ensure frequently used items were easy to reach. I started this blog to share my tips for creating a kitchen that's enjoyable to use, and I post about ways you can optimise the space you have. I hope you find my posts useful.