Why Choose A Glass Splashback?

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A splashback is a vital component of kitchen design that keeps your walls clean and grease-free, especially behind your cooker and food preparation areas.  So why choose a glass splashback?  Read on to find out more.    

Aesthetically pleasing and versatile

Glass is an extremely versatile medium when it comes to making splashbacks.  There's a huge range of different colours and finishes to choose from, or you could have a glass splashback made to your own specifications.  You could choose a subtle colour to blend in with your kitchen décor scheme, or go for a bold statement piece instead to make a focal point.  Bespoke glass splashbacks can even be made featuring your own personal photographs or lettering.  

Ease of maintenance

Glass splashbacks are extremely easy to keep clean and hygienic, which is essential in a family kitchen environment.  A wipe down using washing-up liquid and warm water, followed by a quick spritz and polish-up with proprietary glass cleaner is all you need to do to keep your glass splashback looking as good as new.

Improve your kitchen lighting

Glass has a wonderful reflective quality that can be used, in conjunction with subtle spot-lighting and natural light, to really brighten up your kitchen.  Mirrored glass splashbacks are a wonderful innovation that can make a small kitchen look much bigger.  For example, in a narrow, galley-style kitchen, try placing a mirrored glass splashback on a wall that faces an outside window.  The light reflected by the mirror will make the room seem much brighter, and the mirror itself will give the illusion of space, making the room seem wider.

Mould, grease and stains

Unlike old-style, tiled splashbacks, glass ones have no seams across their face, which means no grout.  In the steamy environment of a kitchen, mould and mildew readily form in tile grout, and the only way to effectively get rid of this unsightly problem is by re-grouting the whole tiled surface.  One huge benefit of glass is that mould simply can't form on it, provided you wipe the surface down regularly. 

Grease and food splashes can also work their way into tile grout, and cleaning it all out using an old toothbrush can be fiddly and time-consuming.

Heat resistant qualities

Splashback glass is designed to be durable and very heat resistant so that it's perfectly suited for use behind cookers and hobs.  This means that your walls are protected from damage by scorching, and a potential fire hazard is much-reduced.

In conclusion

Glass splashbacks make a stylish and practical addition to any kitchen.  Have a chat with your local supplier for more information and to find out what they could do for your kitchen.


29 January 2016

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