Cleaning Quilts| 3 Steps To Temporarily Treat A Blood Stain On Your Wool Quilt

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Your wool quilt is created from natural animal hair fibres, so naturally high heat and harsh cleaning products can cause these fibres to shrink, felt and curl. Dry cleaning is an ideal way to treat your wool quilt every once in a while. If you spill any type of juice or stain your wool quilt with blood, you can follow some simple steps to temporarily eliminate the stain before sending it for dry cleaning eventually.

22 December 2015

Protect Your Timber Decking from Doggy-related Stains & Damage with These Tips

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Timber decking is beautiful and durable, but if you are a dog owner, you may need to take special care to protect your timber decking from accidents and stains. The right approach can help your decking last as long as possible without doggy-related damage. Here are tips to help you: 1. Seal your decking. If your dog is likely to have accidents on your decking, make sure it's sealed. A layer of sealant prevents moisture such as dog urine from soaking, saturating and staining the wood, and it also gives your deck a bit of extra protection against the elements.

14 December 2015

Tile With Style: Choosing the Best Bathroom Floor Tiles for Budget Bathroom Builds

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A tiled bathroom floor can add a touch of timeless elegance and class to any bathroom, but it's also a practical boon, protecting your floorboards and underlay from damp and mould in the humid atmosphere of a bathroom. However, not every tile is born equal, and tiling even a small bathroom can turn out to be a surprisingly expensive project. Luckily, there are many good choices available for homeowners refurbishing a bathroom on a tight budget.

3 December 2015

Lawn Mower Repairs | 4 Maintenance Tactics To Prolong The Shelf Life Of Your Lawn Mower

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Your lawn mower takes quite a beating when it cuts through grass, but more often than not, this piece of equipment remains ignored until it breaks or stops working. There's no reason to wait until drastic action is necessary for undertaking lawn mower repairs. Follow these maintenance tactics to prolong the shelf life of your lawn mower for as long as possible. Drain Fuel If You Don't Plan On Using It Soon  

23 November 2015

Deck Designs That Will Get You A High-Five Paw From Your Pet

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Taking advantage of the upcoming summer days to rebuild the deck of your new home is wise. The sunny days give you a good chance to get the deck completed and settled into place before the rainy days of winter come back. However, while you are thinking about your new deck designs, there is an important family member that you must bear in mind. Being mindful of your dog's needs during deck design is going to make sure they are always wagging their tails while heading out onto the new structure.

10 November 2015

Merits And Demerits Of Using Shade Sails In Schools

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Shade sails are a relatively common feature in most modern schools. Overtime, the use of shade sails in learning institutions has gained immense popularity thanks to the numerous advantages associated with their use. In order to enjoy these advantages, learning institutions have to ensure that they invest in the best shade sails available. This article explores the merits and demerits of using shade sails in learning institutions.   Merits Of Using Shade Sails

27 October 2015

What You Need To Know About Insuring Your Furniture Removals


When it comes to seeking furniture removal services, there are a number of things that you should have on your check list. These include: ensuring your mark all your boxes, making sure your have enough packing materials beforehand, and confirming removal times with your removalist. However, these aside, another very important item that should be on your list is insurance. Read on to see why. Why is insurance important during furniture removals?

26 October 2015

Quick Tips and Reminders for Picking Out Flowers for Different Occasions

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Flowers can be a very lovely and appreciated gift for any occasion, even for simple everyday events such as getting a promotion at the office or for when someone is just having a bad day. Choosing flowers can be a bit tricky, as you don't want something that may seem inappropriate for certain occasions but you still want flowers that will be appreciated by the recipient. Note a few quick tips and reminders for picking out flowers and other arrangements for different occasions.

16 October 2015

Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Kitchen Designer

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Before your hire a designer or contractor to renovate your kitchen, take the time to go over every detail with him or her. After all, you will need to live with the changes you make in your kitchen for many years, and want to ensure that it looks good while still being functional. Note a few important questions to ask the kitchen designer before work ever begins. 1. What are some "

25 September 2015

Why Choose an Electric Roller Door for Your Home's Garage?

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An electric roller door is often associated with commercial facilities such as auto repair shops or warehouses, but they can also be installed on a home's garage as well. There are many advantages to having this type of garage door versus one that swings out and then rolls up onto a track along the garage ceiling. When you're ready for a new garage or need to replace your current garage door, note a few reasons why you may want to choose an electric roller door.

14 September 2015