Three Benefits of Having an Opening Roof on Your Tiny Home

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When you think of opening roofs, you may think of a large opening roof over a swimming pool in a hotel, but that's not the only type of opening roof. In fact, these roofs can be pared down for residential structures, and if you are designing a tiny home, you may want to embrace the opening roof idea for your little home. Here are a few benefits of opening roofs on tiny homes:

1. Loft egress

Egress refers to the ability to get into or out of a space, and most tiny homes don't have room for two doors, making an extra opening on the roof invaluable. In particular, if you plan to sleep in a loft in your tiny house, you should consider having a roof that opens. Whether you opt for a roof window that can open to let people in or out or a glass roof that slides to the side whilst opening, it makes your loft safer, especially if there is a fire.

2. Ventilation

With an opening roof, you can ventilate your tiny home anytime that you want. Including enough vents in a tiny home can be challenging, but if your roof opens, you don't need to worry that much about ventilation. For example, if your home is steamy after a shower, if you are doing a crafting project with solvents or if you are just producing a lot of cooking fumes, you can let them escape by opening your roof.

3. Flexibility

With an opening roof, you can essentially change how your home feels at any moment. Want to commune with nature, hear the birds chirp or do a bit of stargazing? Then simply open your roof and enjoy. Prefer to stay in the shade and relax quietly? Then keep the roof closed.

You can also use an opening roof to create different parts of your tiny home. To illustrate, if you are thinking about converting a shipping container into a tiny house, you could have one part of it be your regular living quarters with a stable, fixed roof. Then, the other half could be your indoor/outdoor lounge area with an opening roof. That half could be used as a courtyard when it's nice out and then converted to an indoor lounge when it's raining.

Want to learn more about opening roofs and how they can benefit your tiny home? Then, contact a designer or manufacturer of opening roofs like Patioworld NSW Pty Ltd.


3 August 2016

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