Get Funky: Add a Little Flavour to Your Kitchen

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Designer kitchens look amazing in magazines, but let's face it; when renovating our home kitchens, function comes first, and that rarely leaves extra cash to spend on design. Adding a little flavour to the kitchen doesn't have to break the bank, nor does it have to be an extensive job. Here are five of the most effective ways to spruce up a tired-looking kitchen.

1. Add some funky wallpaper.

Remember when you were shopping for wallpaper for the lounge, and you came across that funky bright patterned paper that you loved, but you knew it would be overwhelming in the lounge? In most kitchens tall fridges, big pantry doors and wall-mounted cabinets cover the walls; so visible wallpaper space is minimal. Thus, the kitchen can be your excuse to get creative. Pick something with bright colours and funky patterns, and enjoy the energy it gives to an otherwise bland space. 

2. Use mirrors.

Mirrors are well utilised in other rooms to make areas look larger—this can work in your kitchen too. Mount mirrors on kitchen cabinet doors or at the back of shelves, particularly if you're working with a small space.

3. Add an unusually-shaped kitchen island.

Kitchen islands are amazing for adding extra bench space, but they don't necessarily have to be rectangular. Add a bit of difference to your kitchen by using a naturally shaped piece of wood for the kitchen island bench-top, or use an old antique table with a protected top.

4. Pattern your ceiling.

This is a great addition to make on a budget, because it doesn't involve removing anything or remodelling your kitchen in any way. Pick out a funky pattern, like coloured checkers in a colour that matches detail on your cabinets, your bench-top, or even your crockery.

5. Get a funky-coloured refrigerator.

Who said fridges have to be either white or stainless steel? Fridges are now available in a huge range of colours, and can be used to add a retro, 50s milk bar feel to your kitchen, or simply to match with your kitchens colour scheme. If you like your funky fridge, they've release other colourful appliances, like dishwashers and even fireplaces.

Kitchen remodelling doesn't have to break the bank. By all means, focus on the essentials so that your kitchen is practical, but don't be afraid to add some basic, low-cost touches to make the room look a little funkier! Talk to professionals such as F & R Classic Cabinets WA Pty Ltd for more tips and suggestions.


5 January 2015

Creating An Organised And Functional Kitchen

The kitchen is the most used room in my home, and in the past, I found it could get messy and chaotic very quickly. Trying to cook dinner when you can't find an essential appliance or see past the clutter on the counter is no fun. I realised I enjoyed my time in the kitchen more and was more productive when my kitchen was organised and laid out in a way that optimised functionality. I changed my kitchen cleaning and organising routine, decluttered, got rid of appliances I don't use and moved things around to ensure frequently used items were easy to reach. I started this blog to share my tips for creating a kitchen that's enjoyable to use, and I post about ways you can optimise the space you have. I hope you find my posts useful.