Reasons To Install Frameless Shower Screens

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Your shower screen is one of the most prominent aspects of your bathroom design, and if you are undertaking a renovation, one of the easiest ways to achieve a new look is to change your shower screen. When you are deciding what type of shower screen you want, consider a frameless glass style, which can provide you with some real aesthetic benefits to enhance the appearance of your bathroom.

Stronger And Thicker Glass

Because a frameless glass shower screen doesn't have any kind of supporting structure, manufacturers use what is known as tempered glass to build these screens. Tempered glass is heated to a temperature of about 600 degrees Celsius, and then immediately cooled, which creates a very strong top layer that is much more resistant to breaking and shattering than standard glass.

Tempered glass is also made so that if it there is a breakage, the resulting pieces are small and not jagged, which prevents injury. In many cases, tempered glass is so strong that it will shatter but not break, which offer you additional protection from being cut by shards of glass.

Design Options

Frameless glass shower screens are available in two styles of glass, clear and frosted. Clear glass means that the shower screen is completely transparent, allowing you to see everything inside the shower regardless of where you are standing. Clear glass is advantageous because it creates the illusion that your bathroom is bigger than it is, because there is no obstruction to the screen, which tricks the mind into perceiving a space as larger. Clear glass screens also allow outside light to shine through your bathroom in a more complete way than if you had frosted glass. This can enhance the brightness and clarity of your bathroom, instead of making it appear darker and smaller. The one disadvantage with clear glass is that spots and hard water deposits are more easily visible.

Frosted glass shower screens are ideal if you want a more pronounced design aesthetic, because they are made in a variety of textured patterns that can make a 'louder' statement than clear glass. Frosted glass is more attention-grabbing and unique than clear glass, so if you're looking to add distinction to your bathroom, that's the way to go. One drawback as mentioned, is that frosted glass is opaque, so it won't let in much light, and it can darken your bathroom, which can 'shrink' the openness of the area and make it look smaller.

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28 January 2015

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