3 Tips for Sorting out the Paperwork Mess in Your Home Office

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Having your own home office is a great privilege, but if you don't look after the space properly, it could soon feel more like a burden. When you visited your employer's office each day, you probably took it for granted that there was efficient storage waiting for you on-site and that a cleaner would stop by each day to keep your office space looking spick and span. But when it comes to a home office, the buck stops with you every time. If you feel like your paperwork is getting out of control and you need real systems and storage in place to deal with it, here are a few tips to help you on this journey:

Invest in a Shredder 

If your desk is piled high with papers, you are probably just holding on to things that you don't need. Be ruthless with your paperwork and ask yourself if you really need the printout or if it just gives you a sense of irrational comfort to have the paperwork sitting there "just in case". Once you start getting tough with yourself, get even tougher with the paper and put it straight through a paper shredder so that it can be recycled.

Create a Separate Storage Space 

Just looking at piles of paperwork is enough to induce anxiety in some people, so get these away from your desk and into a separate space in the office. If you need to have a separate desk just to perch storage boxes on, then invest in it. If you need to invest in an "office closet" where you can create an order of storage boxes for different kinds of paperwork, then buy it. If it saves you daily stress and it keeps your paperwork in order, it will be well worth the investment. (For more information, contact All Purpose Self Storage).

Create a Power Hour 

One of the main reasons that paperwork piles up and piles up and piles up some more is that putting it into order is often an "I'll do that tomorrow" activity. But, of course, tomorrow is always a day away. To combat this, designate a power hour that can be used exclusively for tidying up and organising your paperwork each week. Set an alarm so that there is a clear of indication of when you are supposed to be tidying and get to it. Pump out your favourite music while tidying if you really want to—whatever it takes to get the job done.


16 April 2015

Creating An Organised And Functional Kitchen

The kitchen is the most used room in my home, and in the past, I found it could get messy and chaotic very quickly. Trying to cook dinner when you can't find an essential appliance or see past the clutter on the counter is no fun. I realised I enjoyed my time in the kitchen more and was more productive when my kitchen was organised and laid out in a way that optimised functionality. I changed my kitchen cleaning and organising routine, decluttered, got rid of appliances I don't use and moved things around to ensure frequently used items were easy to reach. I started this blog to share my tips for creating a kitchen that's enjoyable to use, and I post about ways you can optimise the space you have. I hope you find my posts useful.