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With horizontal slats that controls the level of light in the room effectively, venetian blinds are not just functional masterpieces − their eclectic designs and multitude of colours bring tremendous aesthetic appeal to transform the look of an entire room effortlessly.

But while they are convenient and eye-catching, they can also be difficult to clean − especially if you have chosen wooden venetian blinds that require special tricks to protect them from damage. Here are some top secret tips to clean wooden venetian blinds:

Avoid Detergents and Chemicals

Contrary to what you've been told, cleaning agents and detergents will cause excess moisture to retain on the blinds because wood trends to absorb moisture easily − this can warp and damage the wood material. It also causes the wooden slats to discolour and look unsightly. To protect your venetian wooden blinds, avoid using detergents and cleaning chemicals.

Close the Blinds While Cleaning

Closing the blinds will make the horizontal slats flat for an easier cleaning process. Wipe off dirt and stains with a dry paper towel or light feather duster. While dusting, follow a downward motion − this is the direction for closing the slats. By going upwards, you will cause the slats to come undone from their hooks.

For tougher stains, use a specialised wood cleaner from your nearest home improvement store. Dab the wood cleaner on a lint-free cloth and rub the surface of the blinds with it.

Use a Fabric Softener

For a more effective cleaning effort, clean each slat separately after dusting with a fabric softener. Dip a paintbrush in a little fabric softener and brush it across each slat. This will not only help to remove any excess dirt and dust, but it will also help to reduce the accrual of static electricity that attracts more dirt. The slats must be completely dried with a soft lint-free cloth immediately.

Add a Shiny Finish

If you want your blinds to have a shiny finish, spray some oil soap on them and wipe them down. This will give the blinds a little sheen. You can also enhance the appearance of your Venetian wooden blinds with a non-wax furniture polish. You simply need to apply it with a soft cloth and wait for it to dry for fresh looking wooden blinds.  

For cleaning wooden blinds on windows, make sure you have adequate support. Otherwise, simply remove them and place them flat on the ground for easy cleaning with these top secret, but effective tips. For more help, contact a company like Menai Blinds Pty Ltd with any questions you have.


4 June 2015

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