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Although solar energy or power has a potentially prosperous future, it has been slow to take off in the last few years. As is usual with almost all new technological advances, it is the initial cost that prevents people from enjoying any benefits.  An example of this is mobile phones; early models could cost hundreds of dollars, while today's phones — superior in every way to their older counterparts — can be purchased for a fraction of the original price. The use of solar energy for heating water and creating electricity has been growing recently and s set to increase in the future; many people today can see the immediate and long term benefits of investing in solar power. This article looks at some of these benefits.

Maximise Present Savings

Although it is common knowledge that you can use solar power to generate electricity or heat water, thereby reducing the need to purchase power from a company and lowering your power bills, there is another aspect of generating solar power that can be used to your advantage as soon as you install the panels and start to generate power. You can sell your excess energy to the power company when the rates are at their highest, which is during the day; you can then purchase back any power you need at night, when the rates will be lower. This buy and sell approach works well to increase the savings you make from your own solar power.

Unlimited And Clean Energy Supply

Ultimately, all methods of creating energy from the Earth's reserves will deplete, regardless of how well mankind preserves his environment. As time goes by, the future generations of man will have to turn elsewhere for their energy needs — and it is generally accepted that elsewhere will be the sun. The sun is expected to last for billions of years and will provide more energy than can be used. The energy from the Sun is clean and has no adverse effects on the Earth's environment. Investing in solar power now means that you will be using a clean and essentially unlimited supply of energy to heat water or create power. You can be satisfied that the way you generate power does not have a damaging effect on the Earth.

 Benefit From Continuous Improvements

It is predicted that, similar to the law governing the growth of the processing power of computer chips  (Moore's law), solar power's processing power will also increase by around 50 percent every two years. People who invest in solar power now will be able to simply upgrade their existing equipment in order to benefit from these advances; in some cases, the energy created will be able to pay for these upgrades. However, if you wait and invest in solar power in the future, you will likely have to pay more for panels that have the latest technology. This can be a big investment compared to simply upgrading equipment you already have.

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20 July 2015

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