4 Tips for Increasing the Safety of Your Home

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In order to get the greatest tips to increase the security of your house, you should consult with experienced locksmiths and see what they have to tell you. There is no one better to give you advice than someone with substantial knowledge in the fields of making locks and home security. Whether or not you are a new home owner, it doesn't hurt to remind yourself of the importance of home security. Here are some tips to help make your house a little bit safer.

Replace the locks

If you happen to acquire a new house, make sure to rekey or replace the locks as soon as possible. This is your first line of defence against possible break-ins. The previous house owner might have offered copies of the keys to neighbours, family members, or friends. As a result, any of these may end up coming back to the house not knowing that the old family has moved out and use their key to get access to your house. This is something that you want to avoid, and this can easily be done by simply changing the locks.

Install deadbolt locks

If you want an added security measure, then locksmiths recommend that you install deadbolt locks on every door. Don't attempt to install them yourself, though, as an improperly installed deadbolt lock is less safe than even regular locks. In order to obtain the best results, make sure to contact a mobile locksmith and not individual contractors.

Get locks for your windows

If choosing to install deadbolt locks, make sure that your windows are properly secured as well. It wouldn't be very effective to install deadbolt locks if you have an unsecured window within a couple metres of the door, since the thief will always prefer breaking down the window instead of attempting to get through the door. You can install double cylinder locks for your window in order to make sure that you have the highest amount of security in your house.

Find good places to hide your key

Hiding your keys under the doormat is a big no-no, and should be avoided altogether. This is one of the most common hiding spots and one of the first checked by a thief. Obvious places in the immediate surroundings of your house such as doormats, pots, mailboxes, fake rocks, or planters are among the least secure hiding places. Locksmiths recommend that you choose an unusual and protective hiding place, or that you give your spare keys to trusted friends or family.


29 July 2015

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