Three Features to Consider in Split System Air Conditioners

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The split system air conditioner is a great appliance for cooling single rooms or even multiple rooms in residential and commercial buildings. They are more advantageous compared to the ducted central alternative because they do not require ductwork installation. Basically, they are relatively affordable in terms of initial purchase and installation in the building. In addition, the indoor units are small and silent during operation so they will improve the ambience in the living space. If you are thinking about setting up this system in your property, you should ensure that the most ideal appliance is chosen. The right product will match your cooling requirements, advance energy efficiency and enhance your personal convenience. Here are some important features to look out for when buying a split system air conditioner.

Reverse Cycle

Modern split system air conditioners can be designed with the reverse cycle technology. This feature allows the appliance to cater for both the cooling and heating needs in the house. The AC unit cools the house during hot weather by absorbing heat from the interior spaces and dissipating it outside. When the system is running in the reverse cycle, it draws heat from the outdoor air and releases it indoors. This is a useful feature to have in your new system; it is more energy-efficient than conventional heaters which must generate heat.

Air Purifier

The quality of indoor air can be compromised by accumulation of pollutants in the interior space. Common pollutants in buildings include fine materials such as dust, dust mites, smoke particles and plant pollen. These contaminants can cause discomfort and trigger medical conditions particularly in people with pre-existing respiratory conditions. You can eliminate the risk by purchasing a split system with an air purifying feature. This is a more economical and energy-efficient choice compared to purchasing a separate air cleaner.  You should also consider asking for an AC with odour removing functions. This is a handy aspect in eliminating cigarette, pet and mildew smells from your building.

Programmable Controls

The controls in a split system air conditioner can help you minimise the total energy spent by the appliance. Moreover, these will affect your comfort and convenience after installation. One of the most useful control features to look for is a programmable timer. This is designed to allow you to have control over the AC functions even when you are absent. For instance, you can program the system to turn off at night or when you leave the house and switch on an hour before you arrive.

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13 August 2015

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