Quick Tips and Reminders for Picking Out Flowers for Different Occasions

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Flowers can be a very lovely and appreciated gift for any occasion, even for simple everyday events such as getting a promotion at the office or for when someone is just having a bad day. Choosing flowers can be a bit tricky, as you don't want something that may seem inappropriate for certain occasions but you still want flowers that will be appreciated by the recipient. Note a few quick tips and reminders for picking out flowers and other arrangements for different occasions.

1. For coworkers

Sending flowers to coworkers can be difficult, as you don't want to seem overly personal; a good choice can be potted, flowering plants instead of bouquets. If you still want to send flowers but are unsure of what would be appropriate , consider an arrangement with more greenery like ferns than actual flowers. Opt for a simple and neutral color such as white or yellow rather than red or purple, as these are colors of passion and romance. 

2. For birthdays

Did you know that each month has a traditional flower that you might use for a bouquet? Like a birthstone, you can opt for the right flower for someone's birth month when sending them flowers. January, February, and March flowers are carnations, violets, and daffodils; April, May, and June are daisies, lilies, and roses; July, August, and September are larkspurs, gladiolas, and asters; October, November, and December are marigolds, chrysanthemums, and poinsettias. 

3. For anniversaries

Just like birth months, certain anniversary years have traditional flowers associated with them. Daisies are for five-year anniversaries, while daffodils are for the ten-year mark. Roses are sent on the fifteenth year and asters for the twenty-year anniversary. Lilies are traditional for a thirty-year anniversary. Of course you can choose any flower that is the favorite of the recipient, but for a very traditional touch, opt for bouquets with these flowers as the most dominant.

4. For everyday occasions

When you want something of a generic bouquet for a friend, consider any flower in a yellow color. Yellow symbolizes friendship, but also energy and happiness. You might try a bouquet of yellow roses, marigolds, daffodils with a yellow center, or yellow carnations. 

You might also choose unusual flowers that you don't normally see in standard bouquets, for example, very tall sunflowers can be a fun choice. You might also ask your florist to dye carnations in unusual colors; choose the colors of your friend's school or favorite sports team, and you're sure to have a bouquet they'll appreciate. For more ideas, talk to a florist about the purpose of the flowers. They can help you pick the flowers that will convey the perfect message. 


16 October 2015

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