Deck Designs That Will Get You A High-Five Paw From Your Pet

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Taking advantage of the upcoming summer days to rebuild the deck of your new home is wise. The sunny days give you a good chance to get the deck completed and settled into place before the rainy days of winter come back. However, while you are thinking about your new deck designs, there is an important family member that you must bear in mind. Being mindful of your dog's needs during deck design is going to make sure they are always wagging their tails while heading out onto the new structure.

Deck Surface

While natural wood products give a lovely, rustic look to your deck, they can be painful to your pet if they lead to splinters in the paws. To get around this particular problem, there are two ways you can go:

  1. Choose a composite decking material for the base of the deck. These products give the wood look, but do not crack or splinter. They have the added benefit of being easy to clean, which is a good thing when you have dogs.
  2. Choose a concrete or tile base for your decking. Again, this is easy to clean, and if you live in a bush fire prone area it provides a buffer at the back of your home that won't burn.

The added benefit of not using pure wood products for a pet deck is that you also won't have to put up with your pet chewing the wood and destroying the deck.

Deck Railings

The other main point you need to consider during your deck design is the railings you will use to keep your pets safe. Imagine your pet as an unstable toddler, and use this view of the world to help determine potential issues for your dog. For example, how high do you plan your deck to be? Without railings, your dog will no doubt be encouraged to jump on and off the deck. For older dogs especially, this can lead to long-term joint damage and arthritis.

Additionally, how big is the head of your dog? If you make the gap between the railings too large, is it possible your dog could get their head wedged in there? This could be potentially fatal if your dog becomes trapped when you've gone out for the day.

So when it comes to railings, you need to include them to stop your canine buddy from jumping, but you need to make sure the gap is small enough that they can't get their heads into it.

Keeping your dog in mind during the deck design is going to keep your buddy happy once the deck is completed and they can spend time on it. A few simple changes could make all the difference to the long-term health of your furry friend. Contact a professional contractor for more info.


10 November 2015

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