Lawn Mower Repairs | 4 Maintenance Tactics To Prolong The Shelf Life Of Your Lawn Mower

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Your lawn mower takes quite a beating when it cuts through grass, but more often than not, this piece of equipment remains ignored until it breaks or stops working. There's no reason to wait until drastic action is necessary for undertaking lawn mower repairs. Follow these maintenance tactics to prolong the shelf life of your lawn mower for as long as possible.

Drain Fuel If You Don't Plan On Using It Soon  

You don't want to leave old fuel sitting in the lawn mower until the next grass cutting session because old fuel is one of the main reasons behind lawn mower starting failures. Ideally, you should run the lawn mower until the remaining fuel burns up, or you can drain it if you don't plan on using your lawn mower for a few months. When you decide to use your lawn mower once again, it's always best to fill it with fresh fuel for smooth running.

Check Oil Regularly

You should ideally monitor the oil in your mower to check whether it is discoloured or contains floating debris. If the oil looks dark black or if you notice floating debris on it, then you should drain this oil because it is contaminated and will damage your lawn mower. This simple check will save you from expensive lawn mower repairs later. To replace oil, you will need to remove the drain plug below the mower to let the oil drain out. If the lawn mower is without a drain plug, you will need to tilt the lawn mower sideways to let oil drain from the filling hole.

Check Air Filters

Most lawn mowers come with air filters because they prevent grass clippings and dirt from entering into the engine. Over time, these filters will get clogged with debris and grass. Dirty or clogged air filters will stress out your mower and use up more fuel than necessary during the lawn mowing process. Depending on the degree of the clog, you can either clean out the filters, or you may need to replace them completely to ensure optimal lawn mower performance.

Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

The process of lawn mowing is futile without sharp blades cutting through the grass. But these blades endure severe stress thanks to stones, rocks and other debris hidden in grass. Dull blades will tear through grass instead of giving the lawn a clean cut. This will result in a shabby looking lawn with uneven grass levels. If you don't have any experience with sharpening blades, you may want to get it sharpened by a professional for an expert job.

These maintenance tasks are pivotal to retaining the good health of your lawn mower. It's ideal to get professional lawn mower repairs undertaken every once in awhile to preserve your lawn mower lifespan.


23 November 2015

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