Protect Your Timber Decking from Doggy-related Stains & Damage with These Tips

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Timber decking is beautiful and durable, but if you are a dog owner, you may need to take special care to protect your timber decking from accidents and stains. The right approach can help your decking last as long as possible without doggy-related damage. Here are tips to help you:

1. Seal your decking.

If your dog is likely to have accidents on your decking, make sure it's sealed. A layer of sealant prevents moisture such as dog urine from soaking, saturating and staining the wood, and it also gives your deck a bit of extra protection against the elements.

2. Prepare for doggy chewing.

If your dog is prone to chewing on deck rails, make sure to buy the most natural and least toxic sealant you can find. This protects your dog from potential toxins.

Additionally, to deter your dog from chewing on your deck, consider covering the railings with foam pipe insulation, and also provide your dog with a chew toy to distract him from your decking.

3. Create an accident-friendly zone.

Even with sealant on your timber decking, you may want to create an accident- friendly zone to give your deck a bit of extra protection from frequent accidents. You can buy puppy potty turf—these helpful pads feature fake grass and an absorbent layer, and they can be cleaned as needed.

Alternatively, you can make your own puppy pad. Use a vinyl tablecloth or drop cloth to block moisture from the decking and cover it with newspapers to absorb excess wetness. If your dog doesn't enjoy using the garden when it snows or if you want your dog to stay off the grass after you have applied fertilizer, this can also be a great way to convert your deck into a temporary toilet area for him.

4. Create a stain removal kit.

Unfortunately, regardless of how well you protect your decking, it will occasionally get a stain. Luckily, you can easily make your own timber decking doggy stain removal kit. Start with a great cleaner. Enzymatic cleaners are some of the best to consider as they are gentle on your timber's sealant but also help to dissipate odours.

For more serious stains, be prepared to sand them out. With an electric sander or a bit of sanding by hand, you can remove many superficial stains caused by dog faeces or urine. Then, simply stain, seal or paint the sanded area to match the rest of your timber decking, and no one will ever know there was a stain.  


14 December 2015

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