Cleaning Quilts| 3 Steps To Temporarily Treat A Blood Stain On Your Wool Quilt

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Your wool quilt is created from natural animal hair fibres, so naturally high heat and harsh cleaning products can cause these fibres to shrink, felt and curl. Dry cleaning is an ideal way to treat your wool quilt every once in a while. If you spill any type of juice or stain your wool quilt with blood, you can follow some simple steps to temporarily eliminate the stain before sending it for dry cleaning eventually.

Blot Fresh Blood Stains With A Dry Cloth

If you notice a fresh blood stain on your wool quilt, the best thing you can do is to treat it immediately to prevent it from embedding into the woolen fibres. Start by blotting the bloodstain with a dry cloth as soon as you notice the stain. Finish by blotting the residual blood with a wet cloth. This process should remove a majority of the bloodstain before it dries on your wool quilt.

Spray With A Solution Of Soap, Vinegar And Water

Liquid detergent, vinegar and water are ideal for eliminating a bloodstain from your wool quilt without much difficulty. In a spray bottle, apply some liquid detergent and vinegar to cold water until it begins to foam up. The acidity of vinegar makes it a good cleaning agent for treating stains and other blemishes on all types of surfaces, while soap and water will cut through the bloodstain easily. Spray the blood stained surface with this solution and blot it with a dry cloth. Take care not to rub the stain as this might cause it to spread on your wool quilt. You can also start blotting the stain from the outside towards the inside to prevent it from spreading on the quilt surface. Keep repeating this step until the stain starts dissipating.

Let The Quilt Surface Dry Before Reuse

Once the stain has disappeared, be sure to let it dry thoroughly before reusing to prevent any other stains or debris from holding onto the wet quilt area. You can either hang your wool quilt to dry in your backyard or you can use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process. If you're leaving the wool quilt to dry indoors, make sure your room is well ventilated, so that it can dry properly. Once the quilt has dried completely, you can reuse it.

These steps will help you temporarily treat a bloodstain from your wool quilt. Make sure you take it to a dry cleaner every once in a while to keep it clean and stain free. For more information, contact a company like Luxor Linen


22 December 2015

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