Kitchen Renovations | 3 Winning Layout Strategies When You Have A Space Crunched Kitchen

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Kitchen renovations are ideal when you want to start afresh by building a cooking space that blends into your needs perfectly. Designing the layout of your cooking space during kitchen renovations can be daunting when you don't know where to begin, especially when you need to worry about optimising the limited space you have. Luckily, this guide will help you plan an ideal layout when you have a space crunched kitchen.

Maximise Storage Space By Building Wall-Mounted Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen will likely need a lot of storage to accommodate all your cooking utensils, cutlery and food items, so you must find a way to maximise your storage space during kitchen renovations. The best way to maximise storage space is to build wall-mounted kitchen cabinets. This action will reduce clutter from the ground and will enhance your floor movement space. This is a great design idea for small kitchens because it allows for ample storage space without compromising on your ability to move through the room. You can install cabinets on empty walls or on walls above your benchtop, refrigerator and cooktop to maximise storage.

Make Sure You Have Adequate Benchtop Space

When you're planning kitchen renovations for a small area, it can be tempting to forego benchtop space in the hope of freeing up floor space. This could prove to be your undoing because practically all kitchen activities need benchtops. You use them to prepare your food and you also set some of your appliances like microwaves, toasters and coffee makers on them. Instead of adding a centre kitchen island, which can end up taking more space than needed in a small kitchen, you can extend your benchtops from one wall to the other to create an L-shaped workstation. This idea utilises untouched corner spaces without compromising on your kitchen's centre floor space.

Open Up The Room For Better Ventilation

Small kitchens can end up making you feel claustrophobic thanks to noxious odours and excessive heat. Good ventilation is important because it not only gets rid of nauseating smells, but it also adds an illusion of space to small kitchens. Opening up the room for better ventilation will also enhance your indoor air quality, so you'll want to consider this factor during your kitchen renovations. You can enhance kitchen ventilation in a variety of ways. For example, you can enlarge the size of your kitchen windows or you can install more efficient exhaust systems and range hoods.


22 January 2016

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The kitchen is the most used room in my home, and in the past, I found it could get messy and chaotic very quickly. Trying to cook dinner when you can't find an essential appliance or see past the clutter on the counter is no fun. I realised I enjoyed my time in the kitchen more and was more productive when my kitchen was organised and laid out in a way that optimised functionality. I changed my kitchen cleaning and organising routine, decluttered, got rid of appliances I don't use and moved things around to ensure frequently used items were easy to reach. I started this blog to share my tips for creating a kitchen that's enjoyable to use, and I post about ways you can optimise the space you have. I hope you find my posts useful.