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What Do You Need to Know about Your Home's Fire Extinguishers?


Most homes have a fire extinguisher of some kind. The curious thing about these fire extinguishers is that many people don't know how to use theirs, what type they need, or what the different codes on the extinguisher mean. Before you just write off your fire extinguisher as something you need and then let it begin collecting dust under a sink or in the cabinet, there are a few things you should know.

11 October 2016

Planning A Home Extension? 2 Ways To Save Big Money

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Adding an extension on to an existing property is a popular choice for many Australian home-owners. Extensions fulfil the need for more living space, without the inconvenience of selling your property and buying something new. It also a great way to increase the capital in your home, and can add tens of thousands of dollars of value if done well. The key to increasing the value of your home is not over capitalising on your extension.

22 September 2016

Making the most of your alfresco area

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If you find that your alfresco area becomes a bit of a dead area which is only used when you entertain it might be time to rethink how you have it set up. Here are some tips to make sure that the area is an important part of your living space.  A comfortable outdoor dining table set It's important to have an outdoor dining table that is as comfortable to use as possible, not just one that looks great.

31 August 2016

As Stools Become Stylish, Here Are Three Reasons to Choose Teak


Home designers are touting stools as one of the must-have items for your home this year, and if you are in the market for a new stool or a new set of stools, you may want to consider teak. Wondering why teak stools should top your list? Here's a look at some of the top reasons: 1. Teak stools can work in every room of your home including the bathroom

15 August 2016

Three Benefits of Having an Opening Roof on Your Tiny Home

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When you think of opening roofs, you may think of a large opening roof over a swimming pool in a hotel, but that's not the only type of opening roof. In fact, these roofs can be pared down for residential structures, and if you are designing a tiny home, you may want to embrace the opening roof idea for your little home. Here are a few benefits of opening roofs on tiny homes:

3 August 2016

Hair Dye On Your Carpet? 4 Quick Directions To Eliminate The Stain Forever

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Love the idea of restoring your gorgeous brown or black locks? Or perhaps you're in the mood to uplift your appearance with a bold red or blonde look. Either way, hair dye allows you to make the changes you desire. And while you're blissfully anticipating your new look, a hair dye spill on your carpet can turn into a horrifying nightmare –– unless you undertake these quick carpet cleaning directions to eliminate the stain forever.

19 July 2016

Not A Drop To Drink: Choosing Drought-Tolerant Ornamental Shrubs (Without Leaving Australia)

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It's fair to say that Australia's climate is hardly forgiving, with low annual rainfall and frequent droughts a perennial hazard to landscaping plants. As such, finding ornamental shrubs suitable for public spaces, roadside verges and other areas particularly vulnerable to droughts can be challenging -- fortunately, you don't have to look far to find the right shrub for you. Australia's native ecosystem offers a range of hardy and attractive ornamental shrubs that can shrug off the effects of water deprivation.

13 July 2016

Home Blinds | 4 Quick DIY Steps To Get Pet Hair Off Your Blinds

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You've probably heard of pet hair integrating into your carpet fibres, but did you also know that it could get into your window blinds? Retaining the pristine appearance of your home's blinds can be challenging in any circumstance. But pets can make it even harder. Pet hair clings to all kinds of surfaces, so follow these quick DIY steps to remove it from your window blinds.  Apply A Lint Roller Over Your Blind Surface

11 July 2016

Cat Doors - 2 Way Versus 4 Way Designs

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If you have a pet cat that spends some of his or her time outside, you may be considering buying a pet door for your home.  A pet door can allow your cat the freedom of choice to go out when he needs or wants to, without you having to open the door for yourself.  This can be particularly helpful if you are out at work during the day and would prefer not to have a kitty litter tray left inside your home.

23 June 2016

Top features to look for when buying a baby bathtub

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Babies are a blessing to parents; they are cute and bring lots of joy with their brilliant laughs and high spirit. But they are also messy. They'll splatter food, roll in dirt and even poop in their pants. That's why you need a proper bathtub when these little angels are around. The bathing experience needs to be something they look forward to and enjoy. The secret is a baby bathtub, but not just any model.

13 June 2016